Frequently Asked Questions

Do you take credit cards?

Yes. We accept cash, all major credit cards and local checks at the time service is provided.

What is Black Car’s tipping policy?

We do not imbed gratuities into our fares, however we would appreciate our clients tipping our drivers. The standard gratuity for a chauffeur is 15% of the base fare.

What is the difference between Black Car and a taxi?

There are several differences, the biggest are: 1) It’s a luxury car service; 2) We charge flat, pre-determined rates – there is no rolling meter or guess work; 3) You can reserve our car hours, days and weeks in advance.

What are your hours?

Our office takes reservations 7:00am until midnight every day. You can reserve the car for service that takes place 24 hours a day. We’ve made runs at 2am, 3am, etc. If you need our service post-midnight be sure to contact us in advance to set it up.

Is it possible to set up direct bill instead of paying each time?

Yes. We already have a number of corporate arrangements like this in place. Call our office for more details.

Do you offer volume discounts for people that use your service repeatedly?

Yes, absolutely. Contact our office for more details.

What hotel do you recommend in Manhattan for someone traveling on business?

Our clients traveling into area airports ask this question a lot. We have no referral system in place with a hotel or hotels at this time. Manhattan has several hotels to choose from and we can provide you their phone numbers either when you make your car reservation or when we pick you up at the airport.

Do you allow food in the Black Car?

We ask that you do not eat in the car. Many clients have brought food with them on the way home from parties, restaurants, etc., and we’ve even gone through the drive-through window a few times! We just ask that you wait until you arrive at your destination to eat the food.

Can I bring a cup of coffee with me?

Yes we allow our clients to have drinks while traveling. In addition, all of our clients are provided a 12 ounce bottled water as part of the service.

When you pick me up at the airport would it be possible for you to have the day’s Wall Street Journal and a cup of coffee in the car waiting for me?

Yes we take requests like this often. Just ask when you make your reservation and we will do our best to accommodate.

What about smoking?

Our car is 100% smoke free.

What is the furthest you have taken a client?

Columbia, Missouri.

The shortest trip?

250 yards. Someone actually paid us to drive them from the Fairfield Inn to the Hilton Garden Inn here in Manhattan – hotels that basically share a parking lot.

What are the most common destinations of your clients?

Manhattan Regional Airport, Hilton Garden Inn and Harry’s Restaurant.

Have you ever had a famous person in the Black Car?

Yes we have, however “what happens in the Black Car stays in the Black Car” which includes the name of individuals that use our service.

What’s the craziest thing that’s taken place in the Black Car?

Drove 5 people to the Plaza in Kansas City and stayed with them until 4am the next morning and them drove them home – an interesting night for sure.

What kind of insurance coverage does the Black Car have?

We have commercial “vehicle for hire” insurance with three times the minimum amounts required by the City of Manhattan.